Opportunity Fund

The Fund focuses its investment efforts on high-growth businesses and leverages the experience gained by the First Avenue Ventures’ management team and from their past work with FAV. Geography- and industry-agnostic, the Fund will invest between $100,000 to $500,000 in early-stage, high-growth companies that have a compelling factor or factors that suggest the underlying investment therein has the potential for generating significant capital appreciation and meets the hallmarks of a quality growth company:

  • A healthy market to make the underlying investment worthwhile in light of the increased investment risk associated;
  • Substantial validation of said company’s future prospects, either in the form of customers, revenue, or scientific  trials;
  • A management and/or leadership team that can execute on their business plan; and
  • An attractive valuation for said company.

The First Avenue Ventures Opportunity Fund is open. Contact us for more information.

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